Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Schuessler

Teacher Spotlight:  Ms. Schuessler

This week’s teacher spotlight is on Kristin Schuessler. Ms. Schuessler is a campus favorite amongst students here, and it is our pleasure to highlight her story this week.

Ms. Schuessler has been a teacher for eight years. She began her career at August Knodt, where she taught 7th and 8th grades. This year started her third year at Weston Ranch. Her current assignment finds her in the classroom guiding English Honors I and a senior-level ERWC class.

Besides teaching, she tries to spread a little joy wherever she goes.

Outside of the classroom, Ms. Schuessler can be found at home with her five-year-old daughter Remi, her three 1/2-year-old son Ryan, and her husband, Chris. Lounging around the house in their pajamas on a Saturday is what they enjoy the most.

“We often travel to San Diego, where my parents and brothers live,” Ms. Schuessler told The Prowl. “Every summer we also travel to a cabin near Huntington Lake that a friend of mine owns. Before we had kids, my husband and I loved to white water raft, hike, and do all sorts of outdoorsy activities. As our kids get older, we look forward to getting back to those things and bringing our kids along.”

Ms. Schuessler cherishes her time here at Weston Ranch.

“People often ask me why I love working in the Ranch so much, and to be honest, the question has always baffled me. Our students are some of the most inspiring people I know. They persevere through hardships, sometimes never revealing them to anyone, and fill my days with laughter and endless stories to tell my husband later. I truly believe that everybody has a niche, and I was blessed enough to find mine here in the Ranch.”

The Prowl wishes to thank Ms. Schuessler for spending time with us, and we encourage all students to check out her English classes.