Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Ribota

Mr. Ribota

Mr. Ribota

This week’s teacher spotlight is on Tom Ribota. Mr. Ribota is another campus favorite amongst students here, and it is our pleasure to highlight his story this week.

Mr.Ribota has been teaching for ten years and started teaching at Weston Ranch in 2016. His current assignment finds him in the classroom teaching Government and Economics.

An interesting fact about Mr. Ribota is, before he became a teacher, he was a police officer.

When he is not teaching, he likes to go hiking with his family. During these trips with his family, he takes photos to cherish and remember the times.

Mr. Ribota loves teaching at Weston Ranch Highschool, and he enjoys meeting the new students he gets everywhere.

The Prowl wishes to thank Mr. Ribota for spending time with us, and we encourage all students to check out his Government and Econ classes.