Cougars Got Talent

Weston Ranch High School held its annual “Cougars Got Talent” talent show on November 22, and it went off without a hitch and was a huge hit.

The performances were held in the Weston ranch high school theater. The event had a much bigger audience this year, and it was a lot of fun for everybody. The night was filled with lots of acts performed by our students with lots of variety compared to past talent shows. Previous leaders of the talent show came and watched the performance and were impressed by how well it went and how many people signed up to participate.

Congrats to the winners (Ist place-Jasmine Diuino, 2nd place-Yasmeen Murphy, and 3rd place went to Joseph Salvador) in the talent show competition and to those who did not place. Good job on going out there and showing everyone what you got. Some of the acts were very complex, and it took a lot of preparation to make the night as right as it was. The number of acts, the performers’ creativity and preparation, and the huge crowd made this a memorable night.