WRHS Students Shine in Advanced Placement Exams


School is challenging. So, why would any student want to add additional challenges to an already possible busy day? The answer is simple: placing extra demands on your academic responsibilities pays off with huge benefits.

One such example of a huge demand is taking an AP (Advanced Placement) class, and the culminating exam offered after the course(s). The AP classes are fast-paced, cover more material than regular sections, and require more independent work. Managing a daily course load and any extra-curricular activities is tough enough, but for those students who accept the challenges of being AP students, the rewards are high.

Students who take AP courses and pass the exams which follow receive several benefits. First, they are getting ready for college by taking college prep courses. Second, they are rising to the top of college admittance because college offices see the students have challenged themselves in school and will accept more challenges when they reach their new school. Third, successful completion of AP courses strengthens your transcript as AP courses are given higher weight than regular classes. Finally, students who take AP courses, and the exams may have the opportunity to receive college credit should the exam scores meet specific criteria.

AP classes are high school classes based on college-level material and curriculum with culminating exams in May. The AP exams are scored on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest, and where 3 is the passing score. Nationally, the AP exam pass rate (a 3 or higher) is about 60.5% (study.com).

Recently, six individuals from WRHS accomplished the difficult task of passing multiple AP exams. Not only did this particular group of WRHS students take various AP classes, but they all also passed multiple AP exams! While the success rate for passing AP exams is a bit low at WRHS, compared to the national average, these six students managed not only to take one exam but multiple tests, and each was highly successful.

A special Cougar shout out to the following students:
Brian Arevalo – AP Scholar, passed three AP Exams with a 3 or higher
Boluwatife Laseinde – AP Scholar with Honors, passed four AP Exams with a 4 or higher
Sabrina Ton – AP Scholar with Honors, passed four AP Exams with a 4 or higher
Angelee Rivera – AP Scholar with Honors, passed four AP Exams with a 4 or higher
Edria Jabil – AP Scholar with Honors, passed four AP Exams with a 4 or higher
Sarisha Jacobs – AP Scholar with Distinction, passed five AP Exams with a 3 or higher

“I am so proud that our students were recognized for their hard work and dedication to their academics. Passing one AP exam in one school year is a feat in itself, but passing multiple exams in one school year is truly amazing,” commented Stayce Baptista, AP department chair.