Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Basepayne

Teacher Spotlight:  Mr. Basepayne

This week’s teacher spotlight is on Clayton Basepayne. Mr. Basepayne is another campus favorite amongst students here, and it is our pleasure to highlight his story this week.

Mr. Basepayne has been teaching for more than ten years at Weston Ranch High School. Here at WRHS, he teaches all levels of English and study skills, as well as being the Chair for his department. Mr. Basepayne also spends his time at WRHS as the school’s swim coach and is a coach for a local swim club.

When Mr. Basepayne is not teaching, he loves traveling with his family, especially if the trips have anything to do with Disneyland. For fun, he enjoys making DIY (do it yourself) projects to see the outcome of the project.

The Prowl wishes to thank Mr. Basepayne for spending time with us, and we encourage all students to check out his classes and swim team opportunities in the Spring.