Class Spotlight: Animal Sciences and Ag Mechanics

Are you interested in animals? Are you interested in working with your hands? Do each of these sound appealing? If yes, then The Prowl encourages our readers to explore class elective opportunities offered by Mr. Livengood and Mr. Lokka.

Animal Sciences

Animal science is a class that involves learning about the animals’ systems, their biology, how to properly take care of them, the terminology, domestication, etc. The students also get to participate in labs and animal dissection. Next week the students will get to take part in dissecting a sheep’s brain. The class also takes part in participating in activities concerning FFA(Future Farmers of America).

Students who are interested in animals, biology, and a hands-on activity class, which also gives science credit, would enjoy the animal science class.

Ag Mechanics

Ag mechanics is a program and class a part of the FFA(Future Farmers of America). They have basic ag mechanics, wood, and welding. Basic ag mechanics is the introductory course open to the freshman that allows them to participate in everything from wood to project building. Wood will enable students to use different types of wood and build projects, and the welding class is an advanced course. Students involved in these classes do projects for themselves or the community. Students taking ag mechanics are also given opportunities to participate in FFA.

Speak with your counselors about exploring options for one or both of these classes.