be.Vital Victorious in Variety of Venues


The Weston Ranch High School be.Vital Health Science Academy completed its 4th annual be.Vital Leadership Conference on Nov. 7th. Hosted on the WRHS campus and governed by HOSA: Future Health Professionals, students participated in numerous leadership and medical-related competitions amongst each other. The all-day event concluded with an awards ceremony celebrating the students’ accomplishments. The following list below presents the top 3 finalists in each event this year. It was exciting and had numerous student accomplishments. Please exchange any endearment when you come across any BLC participants to acknowledge their dedication to the medical field. Congratulations to ALL 2019 be.Vital Leadership participants!!

Team CPR: A Team of two complete a scenario simulation applying appropriate first aid and life-saving skills on multiple victims.

1st Place: Jennalyn Laminero & Neesai Flores

2nd Place: Adam Foronda & Kaila Comerie

3rd Place: Giselle Rivera & Rachel Balisacan

Team HOSA BOWL: A Team of 4 competes against other teams to answer healthcare and HOSA related questions.

1st Place: Sumreet Sandhu, Parnit Cheema, Ashley Izon, Kristine Refuerzo

2nd Place: Desiree Salcedo, Sharleine Robancho, Victoria Tran, Marjorie Tibbs

3rd Place: Lilia Anaya, Cindy Flores, Victoria Luna, Brian Villanueva

Extemporaneous Poster: Individuals received a medical topic to research, then create an informative poster demonstrating its relevance and significance.

1st Place: Ashley Izon

2nd Place: Mary Allieu

3rd Place: Rahma Saleh

Extemporaneous Writing: Individuals are given a medical topic to research and then create a written composition demonstrating the relevance and significance of the topics.

1st Place: Sumreet Sandhu

2nd Place: Sarisha Jacobs

3rd Place: Parnit Cheema

Human Growth and Development: Students are tested to demonstrate their knowledge in the area of human growth and development.

1st Place: Harmandeep Leader

2nd Place: German Giron

3rd Place: Ashley Carrillo

Medical Terminology: Students are tested to demonstrate their knowledge in the area of medical language.

1st Place: Sarisha Jacobs

2nd Place: Eliette Bustos

3rd Place: Hanna Alba

Medical Math: Students are tested to demonstrate their knowledge in the area of medical-related math.

1st Place: Sabrina Ton

2nd Place: Chen-Yu Ma

3rd Place: Dharyl Licudine