Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Beaty

This week’s teacher spotlight is on Jodi Beaty. Ms. Beaty is another campus favorite amongst students here, and it is our pleasure to highlight her story this week.

Ms. Beaty has been teaching for eight years, and seven of those years have been here at Weston Ranch. Her current assignment finds her in the classroom teaching chemistry, AP Research, and Medical Terminology. She is also a department chair for the science department as well as the adviser for be.Vital.

“I love teaching at Weston Ranch,” said Beaty. “I would not want to be teaching anywhere else.”

When she is not at WRHS, Beaty said she loves to read books and take her children Adam and Hadley to the park.

The Prowl wishes to thank Ms. Beaty for spending time with us, and we encourage all students to check out her science classes and joining be.Vital.