Students and Staff Line Up to Give Blood

On October 29, Weston Ranch High School had a blood drive supporting Northern California hospitals. Under the supervision of Red Cross representatives Kristen Merrill and Micheal Miumi, students and staff lined up to donate blood in hopes their efforts would lead to good results. Merrill and Miumi were not disappointed as 47 members of our campus showed up to give, which translates to a possible 141 lives saved!

There are many requirements to give blood. For example, the donor must be 16 years old or older, must weigh at least 110 pounds, and the donor must be in good health and feeling well. For the 47 who showed up and met these requirements, the reward was great for them and the people who will receive their donations in the future.

Tuesday’s visit is the first of a scheduled two trips to Weston Ranch. The Red Cross will be here again in March, and Leadership Adviser Aubrey Lewis couldn’t be happier.

“We had a great turnout on Tuesday,” said Ms. Lewis. “The students and staff really came through.”

Two of the donors were Billy Phan and Jordy Esqueda. The Prowl asked them about their experiences.

“I wanted to donate blood because it’s another way I can meet a challenge,” said Phan. “It’s good to help someone who needs help out there, you know?”

“I donated blood because I know it would go to a good cause and potentially save lives,” said Esqueda. He also added, “The purpose for the Red Cross is to find people who are willing to donate blood instead of asking for money. Blood is always in high demand, so I would assume they need as many volunteers as they could get.”

Comments and observations like the ones offered by Phan and Esqueda show how dedicated students at Weston Ranch are and how we look to improve our image in the community.

Well done, students and staff. Thank you to Ms. Lewis and our Leadership Team for working diligently on this project. The next donation will take place in March of 2020.