PLUS and Peer Resource Providing Positives


PLUS(Peer Leaders Uniting Students) conducts forums that take place in the campus library where they work with students on the first Wednesday of every month, as well as work with the severely handicapped twice a month. The purpose of PLUS is to help students understand they are not alone and to never judge a book by its cover, as well as to get them to work with students they would not typically socialize or associate with outside of school hours. The PLUS forums are conducted and led by students where they work with a group of 40-50 randomly picked students not only from the high school but from the feeder elementary schools (Komure, Great Valley, and August Knodt) as well. In the forums, the invited students and the leaders participate in activities that allow them to get to know each other as well as work in small groups to discuss problems and issues that may occur on campus as well as how they can solve them.

“PLUS is such a great program run by amazing kids who really care about other students,” said adviser Deborah Chavez.

The PLUS began four years ago, and their goal is to reach out to all students by the time they graduate. They will host their next forum on November 6 and a panel with August Knot on November 8. Also, they have recently, they have co-hosted the SH population’s Halloween dance.


Peer Resource is a program that began five years ago, where Peer Resource students meet with struggling students in their classes once or twice every week. Students work with other students who are struggling in school, either academically, socially, or behaviorally fulfilling the primary purpose of helping the students succeed in high school. The program has been successful so far, lowering the ineligibility rate every year.

“Peer resource has tremendously kind students who want to see all students succeed,” said Chavez, who also is the adviser for Peer Resource.

Peer Resource will be busy in November too. Coming up in November, they will be giving a Yellow Ribbon presentation, which is about suicide prevention to all students.

PLUS and Peer Resource are both tremendous resources for our students here at Weston Ranch. If you want to get involved, please see Ms. Chavez.