Cougars Attend Women in Sports Leadership Conference

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On October 22nd, three Seniors attended the Women in Sports Leadership Conference Workshop. Seniors Treasure Hughes, Lea’Zae Smith, and Junior Daria Perkins traveled to Lodi with WRHS track coach April West.

After the three arrived and registered, they enjoyed a Continental breakfast and chatted with other invitees. As time passed, guest speaker Dr. Rita Ng spoke to everyone in attendance. Ng’s inspiring message captivated the audience. Ng played multiple sports and managed to keep her academics up throughout high school. When she went to college, she tried out new things that led to her current position as Chief Resident at Kaiser Permanente Hospital.

After Ng’s speech, the athletes were split into three groups to have three break-out sessions. The first break-out meeting was called, “Working in Sports,” and featured a panel CIF speakers. Rebecca Brutlag, Bobbi Madsen, and Cici Robinson told the audience where they went to college and what sports they played. They concluded with questions from the audience when they were finished. The second session was called, “The Academic Athlete,” and the speaker was Granite Bay coach and author Linda Dickerson. Her course was about how to get in college with sports and the differences between high academic or low academic and how each affects your goals of playing sports in college. Her session focused on how to get college coaches’ attention and get accepted into the college you want to attend. The last session was called “Protecting Yourself,” and the speakers were from the Sacramento Police Department. During their session, they explained possible bad scenarios and how to get out the situations, which was relevant and helpful for all the girls there.

After all the break out sessions, the attendees had lunch and listened to another guest speaker. The Keynote speaker was Ali Cox. Ms. Cox was an outstanding college student-athlete and later went on to be an Olympic Athlete.

The whole purpose of the Women in Sports Leadership Conference Workshop was to acknowledge the women in sports and to encourage all in attendance to keep working hard in school and sports as both can open up many opportunities in life.

Leazae Smith, guest speaker Ali Cox, Daria Perkins, and Treasure Hughes.