First Semester Paw Prints

The definition of making a great impression is to produce a substantial effect on someone. It sounds simple enough. Taking the meaning a bit further, making a great impression should involve creating a positive, memorable impact on someone while one is present. Ah! That sounds more like the students we have here at Weston Ranch High School.

The Prowl is giving out “Paw Prints,” symbols of the way some of our students made great impressions on this campus during the first semester. So, here we go…

From Ms. Mendoza:
Joel Javillonar: Hardworking student that sets an example to his peers

Michelle Perez: Always positive and motivated to do well in all she puts her mind to

Angel Esparza: Highly motivated student that sets an example to his peers

Ivan Guerra: a Very focused and motivated student who wants to do his best

Isaac McNatt: Always on task and is a hard-worker

Samantha Smith: An exemplary student who goes out of her way to helps other students understand the material in class

Jesus Barraza: Well-liked by his peers and is an excellent student who is always on task and sets an example to his peers.

Ava Morten: A very shy student but is always on task and ready to learn.

Chazai Oliver: Highly motivated student that goes over and beyond what is expected

Octavio Robles: a Very competitive student who is eager to be successful in class

Afwaj Ghalep: She is the most polite student who is always ready to learn and tries her best in all that she does in my class.

Nancy Aguilera-Perez: She is an awesome student who goes over and beyond what is expected

Jaclyne Monets: High motivated student who is always on task even when she is absent, she is on top of her assignments.

Chloe Pelayo: Hardworking student who goes over and beyond what is expected

Heidi Salvador: Always on task and sets an example to her peers.

From Ms. Morris in the office:
Kathleen Yang: She is hardworking, conscientious, positive, and efficient. She doesn’t waste TA time and keeps busy. Kathleen is a great TA!

Nayeli Rios: She is a positive, kind-hearted, and intelligent girl. Her grades have been great all four years. Nayeli works hard in every class.

Vundy Monychan:” Mony Mony” is her theme song. Such a nice person with a great smile.

Isiah Maxie: An excellent student with nearly straight A’s since his freshmen year. He is also a great athlete and has a positive outlook.

Sabari Guragain: She deserves a shout out for being so sweet and cheerful.

From Mr. Basepayne:

Antonio Strambler-I am proud to see how Antonio has applied himself this past semester in my class. He finished the semester with zero missing assignments. Not only did he do this in my class, but all of his classes and he finished the semester with all A’s. Way to go, Antonio.

From Ms. Brooks:

Atlantis Gohleston deserves a shout out for taking the initiative as the sports editor for the yearbook.

From Ms. Baptista:
Katelynn Le is AMAZING, CARING, and a TREMENDOUSLY hard worker. I appreciate your contributions to Medical English IV on a daily basis!

Mary Magdalene Alieu is a fantastic TA and a phenomenal student who anticipates my needs and works tirelessly to keep me organized! Thank you!!

Angelee Rivera has stepped up to be a phenomenal CSF Secretary! I appreciate your efforts!

Brittany Vang, Edria Jabil, and Sabrina Ton are doing a fantastic job in their roles as Co-Presidents and Vice-President of CSF. Your efforts are not going unnoticed!

Cheyenne Lewis, thank you for staying on top of your grade in English III! I appreciate your hard work and dedication!

To the ENTIRE Frosh Volleyball Team, you ladies ROCK!!!

From Ms. Glaze:
Shout out to Kodi Hanspard for working hard all semester to earn an A in his not so favorite subject – Math.

Shout out to Malachai Torres, who has gone above and beyond in Algebra and helps his fellow students to understand and apply concepts. He earned an A+ with over 100% Algebra A!

From Ms. Beaty:
Ana Hernandez worked hard the entire semester, even when the content was tough. She persevered and achieved great things in Chemistry.

From Ms. Lewis:
Crystal Chavez, Briana Buenrostro, Nayeli Rios, and Angelique Moreno for being my right-hand girls and helping me with everything ASB related!

From Ms. Stogner:
I would like to recognize Haadiya Herd. This year Haadiya has stepped it up in Advanced Theatre. She has worked really hard as an actor, and I’ve seen her progress to do some outstanding work. She has also begun to learn how to manage the backstage and is working toward learning the light and soundboard. Overall, she has shown leadership and integrity this year, and I’m so proud of her.

From Ms. Johnson in the library:
A shout out to Scott Whitby. Scott is a 10th grader who loves to read. He has helped my book circulation so much this year. He checked out 41 books in 60 days. He loves to read books.

From Ms. Orner:
I want to shout out to Giesel Aquino. She is a very dedicated student. She was a pleasure to have in class. She always has a smile on her face and gets along well with her peers. She was one of my top students. She received an A+ (100%) in Success 101.

Congratulations to all the students who made a great impression last semester and who  made permanent Paw Prints on our campus.