You Should Be Dancing

Weston Ranch has a new dance club on campus. The new club, called “The Pride”, meets after school and practices in the dance room next to the small gym. All students are welcome to join the group. However, the sign-ups will only be available through October when the final group members will be decided.

Advising the club is Ms. Berchtold, who teaches Spanish, ELD, and U.S. History. In the previous school year, some students were discussing amongst each other about how there were no opportunities to dance besides cheerleading. This school year, they decided to put a change to that and created the Pride Dance Club, where students can go learn to dance and display their talent at events such as rallies, festivals, and social gatherings. The club is not only a place where students can practice dancing, but it is also a place where students can practice their fashion ideas as well. Some students put together costumes, as well as doing makeup, and putting together hairstyles for the themes of the events they are going to perform in the future.

“If you enjoy dancing, then this club is for you regardless of who you are,” commented one of the members, Diana Gomez.

Weston Ranch students got to see The Pride during the homecoming rally. It was the first event “The Pride” got the opportunity to perform, and their complex moves easily entertained the audience, and everyone enjoyed their impressive performance. The dance group had a lot of fun, and everyone enjoyed themselves.

“There is no better feeling than being out there and performing,” commented America Chavez, a member of the club.

Club adviser Berchtold added, “I am extremely proud of their performance and dedication. It was a lot of fun to prepare for the rally and watch them display their skills. Their success resulted from all the hard work they put into it.”

The Prowl wishes the best of luck to this exciting new on-campus club. Please see Ms. Berchtold for more information.