Homecoming a Success


Homecoming week wrapped up on September 27. And, although the football team lost their games to Oakdale, students were treated to a great week of activities and the crowning of our homecoming royalty.

Friday afternoon’s Rally witnessed many groups involved in making the Rally happen. One of the highlights came from the new dance group on campus called The Pride, who performed their dance routine on the floor of the gym during the Rally. Overall, the Rally was entertaining, and the students in attendance had fun.

The Friday afternoon rally brought students together for fun and games. The afternoon concluded with the crowning of Edgar Echevarria as the sophomore prince and Elvin Bolanos, the homecoming king.

Students, staff, and fans saw Cazandra and Cazady Padre crowned sophomore princess and homecoming Queen, respectively, at halftime of the varsity football game. It was the first time in school history two sisters were the royalty winners.