Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Hunter

Teacher Spotlight:  Ms. Hunter

This week’s teacher spotlight is on Ms. Hunter. Ms. Hunter is a campus favorite amongst students here, and it is our pleasure to highlight her story this week.

Ms. Hunter has been teaching for 22 years and has been a teacher here at The Ranch the past three years. Before she joined Weston Ranch, she taught 5-8th grade at Lathrop Elementary for 19 years. Currently, Ms. Hunter teaches Algebra A, B, and 1. She’s also the club adviser for “Future Teachers of America.” In the club “Future Teachers of America,” the advisers let the students experience how to be a teacher, and it is also a way of helping future teachers before they go to college.

Ms. Hunter said, “I love teaching at Weston Ranch because of the kids and the environment.”

Ms. Hunter makes learning fun for all students. Students get lots of opportunities to practice real-life situations where learning is tied to real-world situations. She has lots of experience in the technology side of education, and not only does she help her students, but she also supports many of the teachers on campus to improve their knowledge as well.

“If the student doesn’t like the class, they aren’t going to want to learn.”

Ms. Hunter told The Prowl she enjoys working with students here at Weston Ranch and loves what she teaches. The Prowl wishes to thank Ms. Hunter for spending time with us, and we encourage all students to check out her math classes and look into joining the Future Teachers Club.