The Fellowship of the Athletes

Beginning Monday, October 28th, Weston Ranch High School will begin offering a new club called “The Fellowship.” The official name for the club is “Fellowship of Athletes,” but simplifying the title gives the club and its prospective members a bit more panache.

The Fellowship of Athletes is the idea of Mr. Wayman, who has been a teacher and coach here at WR for many years. Mr. Wayman recognized a need for our student-athletes to feel more included and perhaps to have more buy-in and ownership in their athletic careers and the teams they join.

“As we continue to involve the community around WRHS and embrace the goal of changing the negative perception, we thought this is a great opportunity to become positive,” Wayman proudly said. “Our athletes are one of the largest groups to have contact with more people than any other group on campus. With each sport having at least one game per week, they could easily be in contact with 300-500 people each week, whether our fans or our competition. So they truly can be the “CHANGE.”

With that in mind, The Fellowship has the potential to make another significant impact on our campus and in our community. High school sports are meant to build character through competition and to give students a competitive outlet for their energy. The time-honored qualities of hard work, commitment, cooperation, fair play, and sportsmanship are just some of the benefits of an athletic program.

Wayman added, “Another great point of our athletes is that approximately half of our students are in some form of athletics, and if they become the positive role models on campus, just think how much GREATER our campus will become.”

Each Monday, starting on October 28th at 7 am, all students involved in sports can and will meet in room 305. Activities members can expect guest speakers, motivational messages, and time to come together to change.