Weston Ranch FFA Continuing Great Work

Official FFA ceremonies are a source of pride and tradition among chapters and FFA students. Ceremonies are held for the duties of officers, the purpose of meetings, or recognition given to individuals. They are organized by student FFA officers who proudly represent their chapter. These students eagerly rehearse their lines they are going to share on display to their members. Many other FFA members also come to be apart and keep up to date with FFA community events and news.

This week, twelve of our Weston Ranch FFA Chapter students participated in the annual FFA Opening and Closing Ceremonies. This event is a yearly FFA speaking contest where other schools compete against each other at the San Joaquin Fairgrounds.

“It was very fun and a great opportunity to meet people in my community and show off what I’ve learned through FFA,” said Clyde Wilson, a senior who has been a member of the Weston Ranch chapter since he has been in high school. “It also helps you learn valuable communication skills and teaches you to open up to new opportunities.”

Weston Ranch’s FFA Chapter holds many events which allow students to interact and learn within their community. Recently, they held a “French Camp Clean Up,” where many students from our school came out to clean up their community road.

When asked about her experiences with FFA, senior Branna Cheavers said, “It’s self-motivating. You feel good when you’re helping your community. That goodness makes you want to do more.”

FFA events are held to inspire members of the community to be active while having fun. Weston Ranch’s FFA chapter is currently selling tickets to an FFA Dinner and Barn Dance sponsored by Weston Ranch FFA Alumni. The dance/dinner will be held on October 5th, beginning at 5 pm and ending at 9 pm at the MUSD Farm. Tickets are 15$, and dinner includes your choice of tri-tip or chicken.

Come out, make some friends, and show some support. We hope to see you there!