JROTC Shines as Hosts for Sports Invitational

Last Saturday, September 21st, the Weston Ranch JROTC Cougar Batallion hosted the 16th Annual Sports Invitational. Assembling on the football field and track, as well as the pool and gymnasium, a plethora of battalions from high schools all over the Central Valley came to compete against one another in friendly, but intense, competitions to see who would walk away with this year’s title.

Joining the host school were Edison, East Union, Franklin, McNair, Discovery Challenge Academy, Lincoln, Mount Diablo, Lathrop, Pacific, and Manteca.

Hosting a significant event like this one will always provide challenges, but the Cougar Battalion pulled through, and it turned out to be a success. JROTC cadets enjoyed the competition of going against one another and working together using teamwork and cooperation to achieve winning in their sports.

“I feel like our battalion did an outstanding job and our cadets were motivated throughout the whole event,” said CSM Bryant Orozco. “Props to c/ MAJ Eden and her assistant c/CPT Holley for organizing and perfecting everything.”

In addition to the regular games (field hockey, pickleball, golf putt, golf tee swing, and water balloon toss to name a few) battalions also had to conquer The Raider Challenge. The Raider Challenge consisted of completing a total of 180 pushups, 180 side straddle hops (jumping jacks), a 3-minute plank along with a 1.3-mile run went well, but due to the extreme heat, there were a couple of cadets who passed out. Dehydration was a significant factor, but in the end, everyone survived, pulled through, and still had a great time.

“On Saturday, the battalions showed their true colors, and everyone pulled through,” commented Cougar Battalion Commander, and event organizer, c/LTC Zachary Smith.

Congratulations to our cadets for hosting and competing in this great day.

Volleyball: 1st- Edison, 2nd-East Union, 3rd-Lathrop
Basketball: 1st-Edison, 2nd-McNair, 3rd-DCA
Dodgeball: 1st-Edison, 2nd-East Union, 3rd-WRHS
Tug-o-War: 1st-McNair, 2nd-Edison, 3rd-Mt. Diablo
Swimming Relay: 1st-McNair, 2nd-East Union, 3rd-Edison
Games(field hockey, pickleball, golf putt, golf tee swing, and water balloon toss): 1st-DCA, 2nd-East Union, 3rd-Edison and Lincoln(tie)

The Over All Trophy: Edison High School