Seniors Have Chance to Get Out the Vote

On Thursday, WRHS Seniors had an opportunity to pre-register to vote. The League of Women Voters came to the school to give a presentation and hosted a booth during lunch so students could pre-register to vote. Pre-registering now means students eligible to vote next March and in November.

Historically, young adults have voted at lower rates than older cohorts. They are also the newest members of our democracy, move more frequently, are less likely to have a driver’s license, and are less likely to be contacted directly by political campaigns then older age groups, all of which are barriers to registering and voting. ( Younger voters (ages 18-29) make up about 21% of the voting-eligible population, and the push to register young adults is critical because their voices need to be heard and young voters voices are essential to help shape leadership and policy. Pre-registering now may help empower students to become life-long voters and active citizens. (

So, if you want to have a more direct say in what happens in your city, state, and country, make sure you register and get out the vote.