11 Questions with Isaiah Maxie

Students, do you know Isaiah Maxie? Isaiah is a senior this year and is one of our bright stars on the campus. Isaiah is our football team’s starting defensive ends/linebackers and a center on offense this fall and plays baseball in the spring. Not only is Maxie a great athlete, but he also excels in the classroom. He has an overall GPA of 4.75 and a college GPA of 4.23. He plans to attend one of the UC colleges next year. In addition to his classroom and athletic achievements, Maxie is also a member of the BSU club and the treasurer of the Leadership Class.

In a new feature this year, The Prowl invited Maxie to play “11 Questions”. Here we go…
The Prowl: What is your favorite school lunch?
Maxie: The spicy chicken sandwich.
The Prowl: What’s your most embarrassing in-school memory?
Maxie: I went off campus one day to Subway and saw the parole officer. He saw me too. When I got back to school, I got in trouble for being off-campus without a pass. I learned you don’t leave campus without a pass or permission.
The Prowl: If you could have the pep band play any song at the football games, what would it be?
Maxie: “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC.
The Prowl: What has been your most memorable moment playing sports?
Maxie: Beating Oakdale last year in baseball.
The Prowl: What would you be SO embarrassed to be seen wearing (but secretly love)?
Maxie: I would not want to be seen wearing my skin-care mask.
The Prowl: Which professional sports team are you most excited about this year?
Maxie: The San Francisco 49ers.
The Prowl: If you were in charge of planning a concert for the school, which three artists would you bring?
Maxie: 21 Savage, Drake, and MacDre
The Prowl: What’s your favorite Snapchat filter?
Maxie: TV static
The Prowl: If you could only use one emoji for the rest of high school, which would you choose?
Maxie: facepalm
The Prowl: Describe your senior year in three words.
Maxie: most relaxing year
The Prowl: What are your plans after high school?
Maxie: I want to go to one the UC’s here in California and play athletics.

Isaiah Maxie