JROTC Set to Host Sports Invitational and Raider Challenge

WRHS Cougar Battalion will be hosting the JROTC 16th annual Sports Invitational this Saturday, September 14th. Also known as the Raider Challenge, the event is an exciting time for JROTC programs throughout the Central Valley, as multiple schools will arrive on the WRHS campus tomorrow and compete against each other in various sports and challenges.

Each sport will begin at a specific time where POC’S (refs assistants) explain the rules for each game to the confirmed teams for that sport from each school. The competition will officially begin at 8:15 am where the competing schools, including the cougar battalion cadets, will meet in the large gym and recite their battalion mottos.

The contests consist of dodge ball, volleyball, basketball, swimming relay, tug-o-war, and the raider challenge. The raider challenge is where each team will complete a total of 180 pushups, a 3-minute plank, and complete 30 side straddle hops(jumping jacks), and conclude the challenge with a 1.3-mile run. The games are sports which consist of a plethora of games such as field hockey, pickleball, golf tee swing, golf putting, and a water balloon toss. Those are the sports that will be in action this Saturday at the Sports Invitational.

The ultimate purpose of the JROTC Sports Invitational is to promote teamwork, motivation, and cooperation among the cadets. All the competitive sports require the use of one of those three purposes, which helps support the goal. These cadets need to have the abilities to cooperate and motivate one another, as well as develop the compatibility to work together as a team to achieve a goal. These capabilities help promote JROTC’s vision which is “To promote young people to become better citizens.”

For those planning to attend, they can expect an exciting and intense day of activity.

“It’s exciting and fun for the JROTC community and shows comradery and teamwork,” commented SAI LTC Cerezo.

c/LTC Zachary Smith, who is the battalion commander, c/CSM Bryant Orozco, c/MAJ Hewitt, and c/MAJ Eden Salcedo including the Senior Army Instructor(SAI) LTC Cerezo and SFC Reyes are the main people in charge of operating the invitational.

Once all the sports are finished, and the winners of each competition are decided, the JROTC battalions will return to the WRHS large gym for the closing ceremony where they will announce the team winners for each sport as well as have a drill down. There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals for the winners and the team trophy will be presented to the winning school. East Union won last year’s competition and will be present to defend their title.