Class of 2023 Gets Year Off to Fast Start


Yesterday, the class of 2023 got their first opportunity to become thriving members of the campus as they participated in their very first assembly titled, “Your Choices Matter.” Spurned on by the message, the freshman got to witness first hand what this campus can be and how they can be part of the change.

This event was no ordinary assembly. Joining in on the fun were clubs, our school band, the cheerleaders, and lots of staff to help the class of 2023 understand that Weston Ranch is a great place when we all show up and work together. All those in attendance got to see what this campus is quickly becoming: a fun place to be when the choices made are excellent, and the students commit to making this campus a spirited community.

Students began filling the bleachers and were anxious to see what was going to take place. They were not disappointed as the assembly started.

Among the highlights were the students cheering for all the freshman as each person entered the gym, the band playing lively and upbeat music, the drumline adding exciting beats, and the cheerleaders leading the crowd in various call and response chants.

Next to come was Mr. Fast, Weston Ranch’s new principal. Fast’s message was simple: Be the change.

“We need to close the gaps between those do and those who do not,” Fast charged. “Don’t let others make decisions for you because they will hold you back from what you want to achieve.”

While Mr. Fast challenged the class of 2023 to consider choices, he encouraged those in attendance to consider everything that goes into being a well-rounded high school student.

“”To be successful here at Weston Ranch, you have to support yourself with people who will make you better,” Fast added.

Not only is it essential to make good choices and find a sound system of support, but students here at Weston Ranch also need to understand that all decisions will have consequences. Some of the outcomes may not be good.

Fast added, “We have to hold you accountable because we want you to be better students and better as young people. When you are better, we are better as a school.”

In between Mr. Fast’s messages, students were treated to performances by the show choir, a dance by the BOBA club, and music by both the band and drumline.

It was an exciting day for the freshman. As they exited, the buzz in the gym was positive and inspiring. Mr. Fast’s closing comments were simple but powerful. He said, “If you’re having trouble, change your game plan.”

It’s time to change this campus, and Weston Ranch is off to a great start.