Cadets Get to Experience Days as Marines

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This past summer, several Weston Ranch JROTC cadets had the opportunity to participate in a program called Devil Pups.

The Devil Pups is an annual Marine Corps program in which a high school student between the ages of 15-17 goes through strenuous exercises and harsh environments to strengthen their physical and mental strength at Camp Pendleton. The program is open to all high school students, and a medical physical is required. Three of our very own JROTC cadets, Manveer Sidhu, Jordy Esqueda, and Billy Phan, had the opportunity to participate in this event during the summer for ten days (July 26-August 3). Sidhu won seven awards during his ten days stay in this program, and Phan won the 1st Platoon Honor Pup plaque.

Some activities Sidhu, Esqueda, and Phan, participated in were a visit the Marine Corps Museum and an aircraft carrier, a swim in the Pacific Ocean, and a five-mile run in the mud, preferably without stopping. They were housed in small barracks with bunk beds and served meals-ready to eat (MREs), meals that are served in a light package and reconstituted with water.

The Devil Pup program is designed to break you down both physically and mentally and to discipline the participants. There were 200 students from all over California in the program and that one participant dropped out on the second day due to not being able to handle the pressure and stress that the Marine Corps drill instructors created.

Congratulations to Manveer, Jordy, and Billy for their selection and determination in this tough but rewarding program.

Billy Phan

Jordy Esqueda and Manveer Sidhu with the NORCAL Devil Pup Liaison Rep USMC Colonel (Ret.) Ray Blum