Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Stayce Baptista

Ms. Baptista

Ms. Baptista

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The Weston Ranch campus is constantly changing. From new administrators to new teachers, students on this campus have had to adapt to the changes and make the best of what the campus offers.

As you may know, we have many new policies and staff members on campus. But did you know that we also have additional classes this year? A hand full of new courses that you may be interested in have made their way onto to the class schedule.

This week, The Prowl is combining our teacher spotlight and one of our new elective classes. Mrs. Baptista, a member of the English department and AP department chair, recognized the need this campus had for new elective classes and developed a new class, Film and Literature Composition. The premise of Film and Lit is to offer students a different way to view books as they are adapted and transferred to the big screen. It is a regular-sized class, and it is available to those juniors and seniors as elective credits.

“Because I like literature, I am interested in how books are translated into films,” Baptista said. “However, it’s not a class where we simply watch movies. It’s a class based on literature, so we read before we analyze, compare, and contrast the films.”

Ms. Baptista is a familiar face on the Weston Ranch campus. She has been here 14 years and is a strong presence on our campus. In addition to her English department duties, she is also the department chair for AP (advanced placement), and she is the Co-adviser of the Weston Ranch CSF (California Scholarship Federation) chapter.

Over the years, Ms. Baptista has had some opportunities to visit other schools, and perhaps, look into opportunities to teach elsewhere. But, Weston Ranch is where she wants to be. It is the students here at Weston Ranch who make her come back.

“I love the students I have here,” Baptista said with a smile. “I am able to really explore what I love by teaching classes such as Film and Literature Composition, Creative Writing, and AP Literature.”

Along with her other responsibilities, Ms. Baptista, along with Ms. Beatty, is in charge of Weston Ranch’s AP Capstone program. AP Capstone is a diploma program from the College Board. It’s based on two yearlong AP courses: AP Seminar and AP Research. Rather than teaching subject-specific content, these courses develop students’ skills in research, analysis, evidence-based arguments, collaboration, writing, and presenting. (apcentral.collegeboard.org)

“Along with Ms. Beaty, we are the only school in the district to offer AP Capstone, which affords us the honor to work with some of the brightest and most dedicated students on campus,” Baptista added.

But it is the students and staff which Ms. Baptista says sets Weston Ranch apart from other schools. She also has a daughter who attends Weston Ranch and is quite happy to have her on campus.

“Even with all the changes in administration over the years, the staff has always powered through to do what was is best for our students. And because of our awesome staff, I relish in having my daughter on campus, and I feel at ease to have a more active role in her high school experience, probably much to her chagrin,” Baptista concluded adding a smile.

So, Cougars, check out these opportunities Ms. Baptista offers, and be prepared to learn. We hope you look at film class as a potential class to all you sophomores and juniors. Special thanks to Mrs. Baptista for her time. We enjoyed hearing from you and learning about your new class.