Club Spotlight: Drumline

This week’s club spotlight is on a new on-campus club called “Drumline.”

The drumline club has been a part of our campus, but never offered as a club. Drumline is where students have the opportunity to participate, as well as learn how to play snares and create beats using various drums. Students also have the chance to use transfer their new knowledge to other percussion related instrument’s, such as the snare, and perform together at events on campus. Some students at Weston Ranch got a chance to see the drumline at Thursday’s assembly. The entire student body can catch a live performance tonight at the football game.

Drumline meets after school in the band room on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All students are welcome to join and participate in drumline. Mr. Barron, Weston Ranch’s music teacher and director, is the club adviser.

“The primary goal of the drumline club is to build the culture and community of Weston Ranch through the power of awesome beats!” said Mr. Barron when asked why he helped develop and begin this great club.

As mentioned briefly above, drumline will be participating in the football game this Friday of September 6th, 2019. Students can catch the performance at the pre-game carnival and halftime of the varsity game.