Scivoletti Sets Sights for Stardom

For the past four years, Senior Alexis Scivoletti has “trodded the boards” of the Weston Ranch Theater. From her first performance, audiences knew she was destined for stardom.

Alexis is an artist and an actor in many of our plays. Her experience throughout her high school was fun, and she has had friends who, over time, have become her family.

“It’s been a fun opportunity,” Alexis commented with excitement. However, she also sadly comments, “I will miss my friends and teachers.”

Her teachers were her inspirations as they taught her that the bare minimum isn’t enough and that she had to try with everything she has.

One of her favorite play’s was, The Greatest Showman. Many audiences were able to see her play memorable characters like “Ursula,” from The Little Mermaid, “Sharpay” from High School Musical, and most recently as “Annie” in last month’s production of Annie. Her performance as Ursula is memorable because she not only sang famous songs, but she also got to dress in a fabulous costume provided by her theater tech team and friends.

Alexis’s reflects her best year of high school has been this year because of the new people she has met and all the experiences she has gone through this year.

Next year, she will be moving to Atlanta to become an artist, and we hope that she succeeds in her dreams. She has a lot of talent with both acting and singing and moving into music takes a lot of skill and work to do, but with that talent, she will go far.

Best of luck to you, Alexis.  We hope to see you on the stage and screen soon.

Alexis Scivoletti