Thank you, Journalists

The Prowl wants to thank all of you for the tremendous support this year. Our school paper is a valuable communication piece, but without our system of support of readers and contributors, our mission to provide news to all of you is not too strong. So, we thank you.

A special thanks to Mr. Cerezo, Ms. Stogner, Mr. Windschitl, Ms Brooks, Ms. Cervantes, Ms. Basepayne, Ms. Willis, Mr. Wayman, and Ms. Lewis for being good friends to The Prowl.

We started as a club in the fall, took baby steps in January, and giant leaps in May. As the adviser, I saw 18 students walk into my classroom with minimal expectations (ironic for me ((wink)) and no idea they would become what they are today: great writers. Taking what they knew already about essay writing and asking them to use their skills differently was a grand task. But, the 18 students took the challenge and turned into pretty good storytellers. For that, I am thankful.

So, as they move out of journalism, I am sad to see them go. Some will be back with me next term, but some will not. I am so proud of each one of them for their commitment, determination, and resolve. As they move into your classes next term, I hope they bring what they discovered in my course to your respective classes.

Please help me honor Basia Adefimihan, Savannah Gapasin, Stephen Henriquez, Omar Hernandez, Arshdeep Janday, Alia Jones, Juan Lemus, Daune Lilly, Malaysia Manuel, Daniela Mejia, Sean Nelson-Phillips, Matthew Nguyen, Nylah Price, Isaiah Saechao, Karina Vazquez, Dianna Vongphachanh, Darin Williams, and Elena Wilson.

Without them, I just would be a teacher. With them, I became a journalism teacher. Pretty cool.