Great Impressions 3

The definition of making a great impression is to produce a strong effect on someone. Sounds simple enough. Taking the definition a bit further, making a great impression should involve producing a positive memorable effect on someone while one is present. Ah! That sounds more like the seniors we will say good-bye to tonight.

The Prowl is giving out “Paw Prints,” symbols of the way some of our seniors made great impressions on the members of this campus. So, here we go…

Mr. Ribota to Kiara Taylor:  “Thank you for always being ‘a light’ during the day.”

Ms. Berchtold to Kimberly Lopez Sarabia:  “Thank you for keeping my sanity.”

Ms. Stogner to Sadoc Fausto:  “I’d also like to shout out Sadoc Fausto. Sadoc came into Intro to Theatre as a shy kid, but he always has had an enormous heart. In 9th grade Sadoc had not quite found his place in high school, but in Theatre he found a home and a family. I’ve seen him grow into a strong young man, with amazing potential, and I’m so proud of him.”

Ms. Mejia to Kimberly Lopez Sarabia:  “Kimberly is a great worker and an even better person.  It was such a pleasure to have met you!”

Ms. Mejia to Giselle Solórzano:  “Giselle has a great personality and I have been very proud to see her grow so much!”

Ms. Mejia to Da’Quan Kelly:  “Da’Quan is a very nice person and I wish you the best!”

Ms. Barahona to Carlos Brock:  “I have all faith that you will be a bright beacon for youth in the future! Congrats!”

Ms. Carmona to:

Jucel Suero- “If you can dream it, you can do it”
Blossom So- Felicidades! Buena Suerte!
Vinay Singh- Stingers up! Congratulations!
Armando Mendoza- Stingers up! Congratulations!
Yer Thao- Do what you love, Love what you do. Continue to follow your dreams.
Thalia Uribe- This is only the beginning! Congratulations!

Mr. Salas to:

Ana Rojas -Thank you for listening to my dumb jokes and stories!
Fei Xiang – a box of pencils for YOU
John Thaddeus Rivera – Best name winner! Thanks for the always positive attitude.
Julia Martinez – model of time management – cheerleading, AP courses, where do you find the time!
Isaac Walter – Joe Cool – never sweat!
Juliana Oliva – Florida lost an excellent student, WRHS gained one!
Jucel Suero – Your jokes are funny – really!
Ezequiel Contreras Martinez – Great Johnny Cash performances. Congrats on earning Salutatorian
Oscar Caloca – You kept redefining what “doing your best” means!
Austin Cappas – Who says you cannot combine athletics with high level course!
Leonardo Morales Gonzalez – Thanks for helping your peers in math!
Vinay Singh and Josh Ico – thanks for setting such high standards for WRHS Volleyball
Jason Alve – an inspiration for all!
Eduardo Bocanegra – Protector and a voice for those that need to be heard – best wishes in politics!
Diana Lam – steady and focused, especially when needed in class – best wishes in all you do
Renny Manansala – Congratulations on being valedictorian An honor and privilege being your teacher!

Mrs. Schuessler to her Senior English Classes:

Period 2 – Be true to yourselves and thank you for the laughs!

Period 4 – You were my shining light this year, and I know that you will do great things in this world!