Great Impressions 2

The definition of making a great impression is to produce a strong effect on someone. Sounds simple enough. Taking the definition a bit further, making a great impression should involve producing a positive memorable effect on someone while one is present. Ah! That sounds more like the seniors we will say good-bye to tonight.

The Prowl is giving out “Paw Prints,” symbols of the way some of our seniors made great impressions on the members of this campus. So, here we go…

Mr. Livengood to Dasia Valencia:  “You were a rock star with all the Ag classes you took and have done a phenomenal job as a TA. I hope you have continued success! Good Luck!”

Mr. Kulm to Litzy Ramirez Avila:  “Litzy is a great student who has always been a true pleasure to have in class, but even more importantly, she is a wonderful person who brings joy and happiness wherever she goes. Congratulations!”

Ms. Cervantes to a bunch of Seniors:

Jason Alve-“Your one of the strongest person I know”
Marisol Chairez-“Congratulations”
Michelle Benavides=”Be You”
Alexis Scivoletti-“Dream Big”
Omar Hernandez-“Aim High”
Benjamin Martinez=”Continue your path”
Taylor Kruse=”Congratulations”
Andrea Espinoza-“Be Resilient”

Ms. Brooks to Khaila Alupay:  “You’re dependable and committed to every task you do. Thanks for being a great yearbook staff member!”

Ms. Baptista to a bunch of Seniors:

Jason Alve – Keep fighting! You inspire more people than you realize.
Vincent Perez – It’s time for you to be a hero for someone else. If I need one, I know where to look!
Alexis Scivoletti – Reach those stars! I want to see my name in a bio!
Liz Hillier – Keep writing, it’s the most freeing place to be.
Garrett Kmeic – Your honesty has kept me on my toes! Now live your life by never “Going gentle into that good night”!
Tyler Brooks – Keep on writing. Your words will impact all who read them!
John Rivera – Thank you for your words. I devoured them all. Next year, I will miss them!

Allison Bacuyani – Blessed to be in your presence, keep shining girl!
Arnold Campos – Take on the world, continue to make me proud, and always be true!

Mr. Barron to the band students:

Maxwell Sithiphong: Good luck and thanks for all the great playing. Nice job on the slideshow. – Mr. Barron
Chava Rivera: I’m so glad you joined our jazz band this year. You saved our band!
Elaine Pascual: Thanks for being a great president of our band! Its been a great 6 years! We’ll miss you.
Orlando Guerrero: Muy buena suerte. Gracias por todo.
Garrett Kmiec: Thanks for all the great playing. You’ve made our group sound great for many years. Keep playing!
Nathan Nepomuceno: It been a great 2 years. Thank you again for being generous with your talents in helping others.
Ryan Cortez: Thanks for being in our orchestra. I should have asked you join earlier!
David Corona: Thanks for considerate questions and Good luck in your future.
Yeng Vang: It’s been a great 3 years in orchestra. Thanks for all your great playing and hard work. You’ll go far with that great work ethic.
Vincent Perez: Thank you so much for all the extra things you’ve done for our band and orchestra. Your helpfulness will serve you well in the future. Good luck.
Miguel Monge: It’s been a great 6 years. I can’t believe how much you’ve grown. Good luck.
Lance Bunyi: Thanks for helping to get Tri- M up and running this year. It’s been a awesome 6 years. We’ll miss you.
Kimberly Lopez: I’m so glad you came into our band last year. I know we’re not Carnegie Hall, but I hope you had fun in the WR Band and Orchestra!
Karman Basra: It’s been a fun 5 years. Keep working hard and good luck always.
Lauren Malihan: Thanks for all did for us in the last 6 years. Thanks for all the great playing on clarinet AND trombone! (Yes you played trombone very well!)
Ariana Carlos: Thank you for your time in orchestra. Good luck in college.
To all the Band and Orchestra Seniors: Thank you for all you efforts to make our band and orchestra the best. You’ll never know how many people you inspired to be better. Good luck and God Bless.

Mr. Zamarripa to Amarii Purter:  “I would like to shout out Amarii Purter. When she first came here, she wasn’t interested in doing well academically. Two years later she’s an honor roll student. I’m proud of you Amarii!”

Ms. Berchtold to Cassandra Casteel:  “Thank you always being your best for me. You will do great things.”
Ms. Berchtold to Julia Martinez: “You are exceptional and it was a privilege to coach you.”

Ms. Berchtold to Mary Ann Le:  “You grew so much over the last three years… to be continued later.”