Great Impressions

The definition of making a great impression is to produce a strong effect on someone.  Sounds simple enough.  Taking the definition a bit further, making a great impression should involve producing a positive memorable effect on someone while one is present.  Ah!  That sounds more like the seniors we will say good-bye to tonight.

The Prowl is giving out “Paw Prints,” symbols of the way some of our seniors made great impressions on the members of this campus.  So, here we go…

Mr. Leland to Omar Hernandez:  “Thank you for taking on the challenge of writing for The Prowl.  You’re growth as a writer was phenomenal.  I wish you the best in your future endeavors.”

Mr. Leland to Daniel Ornelas:  “Thank you for being my TA for fourth period.  You were my rock.  When the class got chaotic, you were there to hear me, read my notes, and tell me to chill.”

Ms. Willis to Deja Harris:  “I want to give a Paw Print to Deja Harris…even though it started as a rocky year on a personal level, you persevered and kicked some butt! You’ve been an awesome friend to the students in 303. Thank you for everything.”

Ms. Cobarrubias to Amari Purter:  “I would like to give a shout out to Amari Purter for always helping out in the office with a smile. No Matter what the work was, she always did it without complaining.  She has a great attitude and was always willing to help. She always made my day with her smile!”

Mr. Ackerman to Alejandro Velazquez Estrada:  “Thank you for making such a vast improvement in character in 4 short years.”

Mr. Ackerman to Rohan Lakha:  “Thank you for bringing me Chic Fil A and putting me on to Travis Scott, 21 Savage, and a bunch of other mumble rappers I would have never listened to otherwise.”

Mr. Hager to the baseball seniors:  “I would like to give a shout out to all the 2019 seniors who were part of the baseball team. Thank you for all your hard work, and passion in making the program continually improve.”

Ms. Glaze to Marco Esparza:  “Marco has come from shutting down when it comes to any math topics AT ALL to finishing Algebra B with an A-. He was not satisfied with anything less than 100% scores on his homework assignments and took advantage of EVERY opportunity to get extra credit points. He is to be commended for his perseverance in getting through the math and helping his classmates understand the material. Way To Go Marco!!”

Ms. Mendoza to Noah Pivot:  “I am very proud of him!! I wish him the best in the Army and thank you for serving our country.”

Ms. Mendoza to Lilianna Medrano:  “I am very proud of her, she is kind and an awesome student!!

Ms. Mendoza to Raquel Rios:  “She is a great student and overall person. I will miss her ‘hellos’ every time I saw her. I wish her the best in college.”

Ms. Mendoza to Fei Tang:  “I saw Fei grow into a mature young man. He was first in my bio class and then I had the privilege to have him in my AP bio class. He is a team player and very respectful to his peers and staff.”

Ms. Mendoza to Renny Manansala:  “Renny is a an exemplary student. She is a hardworking and determined young lady who is motivated to do well in her classes and all the extracurricular activities she is involved in. I am very proud of her. I wish her the best of luck at UC Berkeley!”

Ms. Mendoza to her senior AP Bio students:  “Thank you to Paola Aguila, Karman Basra,Onosai Fonoti
Eduardo Bocanegra, Carolina Mendez, Emily Herrera-Ortiz, Jucel Suero, Lance Bunyi, Julia Martinez
Mary Ann Le, Fei Tang, Khaila Alupay, Joshua Medina, Sujeet Sembhi, Alisha Singh.”

Mr. Cerezo to JROTC:  “Shout out to Shamar Dacus, Chris Orpilla, Tony Arteaga, Lissette Loera, Karman Basra, Cassandra Hernandez, Isis Camacho, Georgen Dumpit, and Carolina Mendez for being with the JROTC colonel from freshman to senior years.”

Mr. Cerezo to JROTC:  “Another shout out to Shamar Dacus, Tony Arteaga, Karman Basra, Lauren Malihan, Josh Ico, and Carolina Mendez for being outstanding cadets in the JROTC Drill Nationals, Louisville, Kentucky two years ago!”

Ms. Stogner to Brandon Polanco:  “I would like to recognize Brandon Polanco. I’ve known him for several years and worked with him while he was in choir and then this year when he joined Technical Theatre. I remember when he started out in our first musical, he was this goofy kid didn’t want to perform very much or put in the extra effort. He preferred doing the bare minimum. However, over the past several years I’ve seen his motivation and his passion for music evolve, and he’s grown into a very professional young man. He is always working and going above and beyond what the average student does. He is always helping his fellow performers with their microphones and instruments. He just kind of quietly does his thing, setting up microphones, running sound, performing, fixing things and never complains. In fact, I’ve gotten so used to him being around, that it will be very bizarre not seeing him setting up equipment for a show or checking sound in the booth. He will be greatly missed, but I am confident he has wonderful things to look forward to in his future.”

Ms. Wayman to Amarii Purter:  “Paw Print to Amarii Purter. She was loud as a sophomore. But as a senior, she is dedicated, on time, and on task. One of my best TAs since I arrived at Weston Ranch. I wish her al good things for her future.”

Ms. Wayman to Arnold Campos:  “Arnold Campos is a true friend to everyone and always marches to the beat of his own drum. He accepts all people for who they are.”