A Fond Farewell to the Class of 2019

Graduation day is upon us. As our seniors prepare to move away from Weston Ranch High School and venture out into the world, The Prowl wanted to take a moment and say “thank you” to our wonderful graduating class of 2019.

Thank you for giving us your lives for the past four years. You arrived here bright-eyed but filled with questions. You were anxious to begin this new adventure in your young lives but filled with anxiety. You walked into classrooms filled with new faces, new ideas, and new dreams. You met new teachers, each with the same hope for each one of you. You trusted us. You learned with us. You got angry at us. You laughed with us. But, most of all, you grew up with us. And we thank you.

Some of you will go on to college, trade school, serve our country, or jump right into the workforce. Some of you will move out of your home and be away from your family for the very first times of your lives. Some of you may choose to begin families of your own one day. But, whatever path you walk once you leave here, please remember that while some of you will do the things mentioned above, all of you are successful. And we thank you.

You’re successful for one reason and one reason only: You. While the family and friends, teachers, and other adults have helped shape the beginning of your lives, you are who you are because of you. You’ve dealt with hardships and survived. You’ve encountered obstacles and overcame. You’ve met people trying to hold you back, but you kept moving forward. And we thank you.

The road of life is tough to travel, believe me. It will get tougher as you get older. That’s a reality. However, as you move into the world, don’t forget where you came from, what you learned, what you saw, and what you heard. Don’t forget the lessons. Trust me when I say, you learned more than you think you did. When you see each other years from now, and you’re talking about your current lives, you will look back fondly on your old school. You will talk about friends, teachers, times, games, and everything else. You made an impact. And we thank you.

So, seniors, we wish you the best. Be proud of Weston Ranch. Be proud of your school. Be proud of who you are now. And after all that, know that we thank you.