Seniors Honored at Last Rally

Weston Ranch High School recently held their final rally on the 3rd of May and made sure to give their graduating seniors one significant send-off as their last year comes to an end. The graduating Cougars of the 2018-2019 school year made many memories and will have left their mark on the school once they begin their lives as young adults after they leave WRHS.  This year’s senior rally handed out just a few awards, but everyone who received one indeed did deserve what they received.

Shamar Dacus took home the “Lightning Bolt” award for being one of the most energetic personalities on campus. Lissette Loera left with the “Blue Shell” award for her constant drive to be the best academically and socially as she can be. Fletcher Pitts, Wilbur Williams, and Tayjion Anderson received the “Three Bananas” award for their hard work in creating their YouTube channel, Strictly About Billions. The “Star” award went to Saia Hill for her performances in the numerous school plays produced throughout her four years as a member of VAPA. Ricardo Resendiz received the “Golden Mushroom” award for his ability to give whoever he meets a tremendous boost in confidence. Rohan Lahka was given the humorous “Bullet” award for being able to make his way through high school with very minimal effort. Senecia Patten received the final award for always keeping her friends, and people in general, on track with their goals.

These awards were enjoyable for the seniors to receive, and all who received the awards were well deserved. The three final awards presented at the rally were the male and female student-athlete of the year and the Prestigious Student of the Year. Amier Bowen and Senecia Patten received the male and female student-athlete awards respectively for their incredible athletic abilities and careers in WRHS sports throughout their high school careers. Armand Mendoza received the prestigious Student of the year award for his outstanding academic and athletic career at Weston Ranch High.

All Senior Cougars who received an award deserve a great round of applause for the contributions they made at this school and the legacy they will leave behind. Whether it be social, academic, or athletic, the student awards that were handed out were well deserved and all Cougars graduating will be missed by the underclassmen and teachers alike.