Vang and Jacobs Receive Awards for Achievement

The Sandia Laboratory Women’s Awards honored students Brittany Vang and Sarisha Jacobs on May 8. Vang and Jacobs were awarded outstanding women awards in Math and Science respectively.
Attending the festive evening with them was Ms. Basepayne who was more than thrilled to share this news.

“It was a great night in which these ladies got to hear from Women in STEM and encourage them to follow their passions into that field,” beamed Basepayne. “We heard from an Assemblywomen, director of homeland security for the lab and more. They were amazing women, and our young ladies were so blessed to be recognized for their accomplishments in this area.”

Congratulations to Brittany and Sarisha. Once again, our students have shown that Weston Ranch is an excellent place for learning.

Brittany Vang and Sarisha Jacobs