Students Say Final Good-by to Jaishyne Lopez

On April 30, 2019, students and staff alike stood to the side of the curb to say their final goodbyes to Jaishyne Lopez. His family escorted Jaishyne, along with officers of the Stockton Police Department. Lopez, a beloved member of JROTC and the Weston Ranch High School campus, lost his life after surgical complications.

To help his family cope with the unexpected loss and enormous unplanned expenses, our campus held was also a vigil, a car wash, and the selling of Girl Scout Cookies. The efforts of the many dedicated students, staff, and community raised $3,300 for his funeral. There was also a GoFundMe page that was open. A generous donation from the Sikh Temple of $3,400 arrived from the father of Nachel Sandhu. Events like these show that Weston Ranch isn’t just a place to come and go, it could be much more as we helped in the raising of over $13,000.

The Event was organized by Leadership, Staff, and the Stockton Police Department but had been mainly orchestrated by Weston Ranch’s Principal Mr. Fast, as he was proud of our campus for being very honorable and respectful.

Colonel Cerezo said, “It was such a touching gesture.”

The Event was , and there was overwhelming support for the Event for Jaishyne’s passing from students and staff of Weston Ranch High School. There was even support coming from other schools, also if they weren’t there physically. We want to thank everyone who has helped out in this challenging time, and the support shown by people of the Weston ranch community is amazing.