JROTC Honors the Memory of Jaishyne Lopez


Last Friday, JROTC organized and held a car wash for the family of Jaishyne Perez, a Weston Ranch student who recently lost his life after complications suffered during heart surgery. Lopez was a student, a cadet, and a beloved member of this campus who lit up the halls with his smile and kept his battalion in good spirits with his jokes and his outlook on life.
Loaded with supplies, JROTC offered “The Battalion Car Wash,” to the Weston Ranch community. The cadets gathered at the rear of the school and spent the entire day (eight hours from 9 am to 3 pm) washing cars, sharing stories about Jaishyne, and providing a nice bit of relief to the Lopez family.

As the cadets and community members washed the cars, there was a strong feeling of fellowship. The car wash was very busy and successful. Cars lined up down the street preparing to get their cars washed and dried. Those who helped at the car wash consisted of cadets of the battalion, parents, and students. There was a variety of people who wanted to come and support the Lopez family. Girl Scout cookies were sold for $5 to raise more. The Lopez family attended themselves and sold tacos and soda.

In total, the Battalion raised $3,314. Every single bit of the proceedings was donated to the Lopez Family, who were very glad and thankful for all the support they’d been shown. Though all this money could never replace Jaishyne, it is very helpful for the Lopez family. The support that the Weston Ranch community has shown the Lopez family has undoubtedly left a positive impact on them.