Senior Sees Opportunity To Create Change


Oakland Moore, a senior at Weston Ranch High School, is trying to make a change. Moore is from Oklahoma, but grew up here in Stockton, moving to Stockton in 2004. He used to get in trouble a lot back in the past, but now he is a changed man. He has used his past struggles to create an excellent opportunity for the youth in Weston Ranch.

Moore had the initial idea for a gathering place for youth to come together and pitched the idea to our new principal, Mr. Fast. His purpose is quite brilliant and demonstrates an empathetic and progressive philosophy not many people outside of Weston Ranch see in our student body. Oakland wants to start a mentoring club to help the community become a better place. He wants to help students bring awareness to the decisions that they make and help them talk about things that they can’t talk about at home.

Moore’s chief foundation will be communication. He thinks it learning how to communicate effectively will build communication and relationship skills for all students. He mentioned the idea to the staff and a couple of students to get their input. The principal said that he could start next year in August. As of this printing, Mr. Fast has told The Prowl the idea will come to fruition next fall and involve our campus as well as the feeder schools of Weston Ranch.

Stepping up, Oakland Moore saw a need, developed a plan, and set it to action. Education is more than books and papers and technology. Education is the overall growth of the mind and spirit. Although Oakland will be leaving us at the end of the month as he graduates, we hope that we will make him proud and begin a new tradition which will be his legacy.

Oakland Moore and his mom