Cougars Set For Final Spirit Week


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Weston Ranch students and staff will get their final school sponsored spirit activity next week. The weather is prime, the sun is out, and it’s the last opportunity for our students to participate in another fantastic event planned and executed by our excellent Leadership Team.

“Cougars Race to the Finish Line” is this year’s theme and will begin Monday, April 29th and conclude on Friday, May 3rd. Each day, the campus will have opportunities to dress up according to the day’s theme. Dress up days will connect Nintendo’s Super Mario World and Mario Kart to the dress up days: Rainbow Road, Peach Beach, Mood Meadow, DK Jungle, and Super Circuit.

“Cougars Race to the Finish Line” begins with Monday’s Rainbow Road when students will wear neon colors. Tuesday will see the Cougars wearing beach attire for Peach Beach. Wednesday sees the Cougars head into Moo Moo Meadows, and on this day western attire will be worn. DK Jungle is on Thursday where we will wear Animal, Safari, or Tourist attire. Friday is Super Circuit, and students will wear their favorite character. Friday is also a day when you can wear class colors or, in the case of Seniors, their Senior shirts.

As usual, lunchtime is the place to be. There will be music and games on the grass near the quad. Leadership is also planning to organize and host a dodgeball tournament on the grass. Teams can sign up with Ms. Lewis in room 301.

As always, Leadership wants to see lots of students and staff participating. What a great way to show your spirit.