Block System Should Consider Student Input

Students should be able to decide whether we use block schedule every year. Block schedule started at Weston Ranch High School in 2015, although some schools in MUSD have used it longer.  MUSD implemented the decision to use the block system here at Weston Ranch and each year it is continued based upon a vote amongst the staff that they continue to have annually to decide whether we will continue to have it each year.

There are many benefits to block schedule including students only must manage four classes daily rather than the typical six to eight classes each year. Using the block schedule allows teachers to have more time to prep for their periods hoping to guarantee quality instructional times. Students have the opportunity to earn more credits per school year, making it easier for students to complete the required courses or make up the courses if they fail a subject.

But there are also many disadvantages to students within a block schedule format. Because block scheduling uses the four-class system, there are the classes you take are significantly longer, making it harder for students to stay focused for more extended periods of time. During block schedule, students learn about two lessons a day, making the curriculum a faster pace that is hard to keep up with for some students. Ultimately the block schedule affects students more than it affects the teachers, so our input should be considered.