Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Brooks


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This week’s teacher spotlight focuses on Ms. Aviette Brooks. Ms. Brooks has been teaching in the English Department for five years now at Weston Ranch High School. Her current assignment finds her teaching English 4, and she is also the yearbook adviser. Along with her regular duties, Ms. Brooks also is very actively involved within the school. She is co-department chair of the English department, where she oversees the department’s budget. As a yearbook adviser, she makes sure that she covers all the positive, fun, and exciting things taking place on our campus.

“My experience at Weston Ranch High School is good, and I love all the students I’m able to work with,” replied Ms. Brooks from her comfortable classroom. “I’m delighted to be here.’’

Ms. Brooks

As an educator, she thinks of our school as being “ahead of the game’’, when compared to other schools.
When asked about our students, Ms. Brooks replied, “Our students are innovative and are coming to school better prepared for their futures.’’

Mrs. Brooks is looking forward to continuing teaching seniors at Weston Ranch High School and help make every year yearbook the best it can be.