FFA Honors High Achievers

Weston Ranch High School FFA continues to be the model organization on our campus. FFA is the premier youth organization preparing members for leadership and careers in the science, business, and technology of agriculture. (ffa.org)

“Premier leadership, personal growth, and career success is what we’re all about,” says Mr. Livengood, a teacher and agriculture advisor for FFA here on campus.

FFA is offered to every student who enrolls in an agriculture class on campus. Many events hosted on campus are run through FFA including BBQ drive-thru dinners, Kiss-The-Animal Fundraiser’s, and our Annual FFA Banquettes. FFA is structured into a degree program in which active FFA members are rewarded for their time and dedication put into FFA. Four degrees are offered through FFA; the Greenhand FFA Degree, the Chapter FFA Degree, the State FFA Degree, and the American Degree which is the highest Degree that you can receive through FFA. The Greenhand FFA Degree and the Chapter FFA Degree are awarded at the chapter level; these rewards are given out at the Annual FFA Banquet every year. To receive your State FFA Degree, you must complete a series of requirements including your Greenhand and Chapter FFA Degree. Students who earn their State Degree have demonstrated a high level of commitment and have had significant success in their SAE (Supervised Agriculture Experience).

With great honor on Tuesday, March 12th at San Joaquin Delta College, five of our students here at Weston Ranch High School. Logan Reid, Dominic Yabut, Clyde Wilson, Reibecca Castro, and Breanna Cheavers received their State Degree.

Reibecca Castro, a 3rd year FFA member said, “It means that I have accomplished a lot over the last few years.”

To receive the State FFA Degree, you must put in at least 500 hours of community service and invest at least $1,000 into their projects through FFA. Many of our FFA students went above and beyond that. We here at the Prowl are very proud of these students’ achievements and want to wish them good luck in their next successes. Congratulations!

Clyde Wilson, Dominic Yabut, Reibecca Castro, Logan Reid, and Breanna Cheavers.