Welcome Mr. Fast!

The students and faculty of Weston Ranch High were very eager to find out who their next principal would be. Many questions and worries arose from the thought of a new leader for the school, but it is safe to say that principal Fast has been welcomed into Cougar Nation with open arms and big hopes.

Before joining WRHS, Mr. Fast spent the past five years as Assistant Principal for Manteca High. Being in education for so long has given Mr. Fast a great deal of experience working with young individuals and staff alike to better the school as a whole. Mr. Fast understands, however, the commitment and effort it takes to be in the Principal seat for an utterly brand-new school to him. But, as Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” (Spider-Man, 2002) He knows the job may be challenging, but is very honored to have been given the position.

“I am up for the challenge,” Fast said. “Weston Ranch was nothing like I heard it was. It was a delightful surprise walking onto this campus and seeing the great students and staff here on this campus.”

Adding on to his views of Cougar Nation, he also has been very appreciative of how kind they have been the last few weeks. “It’s only been a couple of weeks, but the students and staff have been extremely welcoming, and every day it gets better and better to be here.”

While his time here has been brief, Fast has begun developing long term goals and plans which will no doubt fire up this campus. First, Mr. Fast wants to focus on positively affirming the successes of the students and staff to show others how Weston High School is. To support this, he would like to develop a student recognition system where students will be seen for all their achievements and hopefully encourage everyone on campus to make a difference. Focusing most of his attention on recognizing the students is very important.

“We want to help support our students, parents, and staff in laying the strongest possible foundation for our students to become the most successful adults they can become.”

So, please welcome Mr. Fast. Cougars can sleep well knowing that our school is in good hands with Mr. Fast, and should expect significant improvements coming to the lives of the students and faculty alike.