Club Spotlight: BOBA



On-campus clubs play a valuable role on our campus, and it is essential to acknowledge the outstanding clubs here at Weston Ranch High School. This week’s club focus is on the BOBA Club.

BOBA, advised by Ms. Alvarez who is WR’s Success 101 teacher, is a club which shows appreciation for the Asian culture. While Asian culture is the objective, BOBA welcomes all students and encourages everyone to come. BOBA is an acronym for ‘Bring On your Best Attitude,’ and the members of BOBA are surely known for displaying their best attitudes. BOBA is led by Inna Obiso, who is the choreographer and president of the club, Jay Detluxay, who is the male vice president, and Lauren Malihan, who is the female vice president. BOBA is an active club which means they frequently meet inside and outside of school to create dances and practice them. On Thursdays, the members meet at lunch to schedule and discuss events. One of the events that BOBA hosts is Kilisan. At Kilisan, they play games and perform dances. Currently, the club can be seen practicing for future events, and they plan to perform at the senior rally.

It was great getting to know this fantastic club. We hope to see more of all what BOBA has to offer to Weston Ranch.