Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Salas

Weston Ranch opened in 2003. The school has seen teachers come and go. However, one teacher who has been here since the beginning is one of our math teachers, Mr. Salas.

For the past 16 years, Mr. Salas has been a beloved teacher and character to many students here on campus. His compassion and generosity have inspired many students.

“My favorite thing about Mr. Salas is that he can find common ground with his students when he interacts with them, he makes them want to be here on campus,” said Savannah Gapasin, a Freshman here at Weston Ranch.

Over the years, Mr. Salas has watched the campus evolve drastically. During this time, Salas has seen many changes.

“The first big change was the drop in the student population when the housing market crashed because we lost a lot of students.”

As we continued our conversation in his warm and inviting classroom, he continued to mention progressive and proactive measures for improving learning.

“I’ve really noticed an improvement in the way the students are being disciplined.”

His favorite thing here on campus, of course, is the students. Salas takes a great deal of pride in his unique ability to build relationships with students. Teachers sometimes don’t take the time to get to know their students, and this obstacle may interfere with student learning. Mr. Salas is the exception and the model.

Teachers like Mr. Salas are the foundation of Western Ranch High School, and we hope to see him here for at least another 16 more.