Success 101 Shows Students How to be Achievers

This week, The Prowl is featuring Success 101. This class is offered to freshmen and covers a lot of necessary ground all freshmen need to consider during their first year and apply in the years to follow.

Ms. Alvarez, the teacher for Success 101, wants every first-year student to follow their 10-year plan. This plan gives the students ideas to navigate their learning so they may keep on track with their dream and goals.

At the beginning of a freshmen’s new year at Weston Ranch High School, each student will spend one term of their year studying health and one term in Success 101. What makes Success 101 exciting is the student interviews. All students in ninth grade have an interview in the library or different rooms on the campus with the teachers, school admins, district office members, and board members, such as Mr. Duncan. During the interview, students are asked several questions, such as what each student thinks of the school and a particular class. Student responses may include that they say that it’s fun to be there and it’s an experience learning about how life is like on the outside more.

Jose Barrera, a freshman in the class, said, “It helps us think of life and the future.”

Also, freshman Jazzlynn Mercado said, “It’s a good working experience.”

In general, every student in this class learns that they have many possibilities to do things and it’s all up to them.

Ms. Alverez teaches Success 101 is because she prefers to work with first-year students. Her background in teaching has mainly been teaching ninth graders, and she enjoys it. As for this year’s freshmen interviews, they all have something to look forward too during their first year in school.

“Success is no accident,” said Alvarez. “It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing and meaning to do.”

Loving what you do is essential — for our students and teachers, pursuing that love after learning is vital.