Seniors Section: We’re Almost Outta Here!


What are your thoughts about being a senior?

Weston Ranch High School seniors are looking forward to the last few months of their final school year. In addition to Grad Night and graduation, our seniors have many options to consider. We asked a few of them about their opinions, and this is what they told us.

Kiara Taylor-“I can’t wait to move on with my life and go to college.”

Fletcher Pitts and Wilbert Williams- “We can’t wait to move on to something bigger and reach our goals in life.”

In general, many seniors are busy filling out paperwork as they try to get into colleges. March is the month that seniors need to do their financial aid and college acceptance requirements. Don’t try to do it at the last minute. Do it now, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Important dates: Grad Night and graduation are coming up soon. Grad night is on May 10, and graduation is May 31.