Tennis Set to Rush the Nets

Tennis anyone? As the air warms up and the sun stays in the sky a little longer, the spring sport of tennis beckons the rackets of our athletes.
In addition to logging long hours of court time, weather permitting, the Weston Ranch High School boy’s tennis team has been hard at work preparing for their first VOL home match against Kimball. Unlike other spring sports, tennis does not have the luxury of non-league scheduling matches, so the tennis team must prepare virtually on their own. Although they have played “practice” matches against Edison High School of Stockton, the Cougars will go directly into the VOL very untested.

Mr. Williams, teacher, and coach for boy’s tennis team says that all the boys are hard workers and that they can be competitive when they play. There have been some issues with practice, but Mr. Williams believes they’re ready.

“I love coaching and seeing what the team is capable of,” remarked Mr. Williams.

Williams singled out Brandon Lee and Tony Arteaga as two players to watch because they handle the communication for the team well and are extremely important to him, both as players and team leaders. There are currently nine returners and eight seniors. Overall, the team is healthy and this year’s team goals are to build upon last year’s improvement and to be more competitive. Also, Mr. Williams plans to use the success of this season to recruit underclassmen for next year.

Williams is very proud of his team every day because of how hard they work, how good they behave, and how good their GPAs are. However, the little downside to their lack of experience and infrequency of playing before the league is that the team will have to learn and understand more strategies and how to game plan against other teams as they play.

Mr. Williams welcomed players of all abilities because his job is to teach people how to play the game of tennis.

“Tennis is not a matter of deciding who is good and who is not,” said Williams. “Part of the job of coaching is to develop each player’s potential.”

Not only is tennis fun to play, but it’s also fun to watch. The Cougars will have Singles and Doubles matches on March fifth against Kimball, giving fans more reason to stop by the courts and take a look.

The Prowl wishes the best of luck to our Cougars in the upcoming season.