Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Trevino

Mr. Trevion

Students, do you know Mr. Trevino?

Mr. Trevion teaches Spanish 1, Spanish 2, and A.P Spanish. He has been teaching at Weston Ranch High School for 12 years. Mr. Trevino began his first year of actually teaching Spanish at Johansen High School in Modesto.

What makes Mr. Trevino great is that he loves to see his students succeed, and he will never give up on his students if they don’t understand a concept.

“We have a lot of intelligent kids, and I want them to reach their highest potential,” reflected Trevino from his desk.

His joy about teaching is to teach the students something that they will be able to use in the future. For the students who want to become a teacher in the future, Mr. Trevino said, “You have to really care for others to be a good teacher.”

Besides Mr. Trevino’s busy life at school, he enjoys photography and traveling to different places.

It was a pleasure getting to know more about Mr. Trevino. If you see him on campus, you should most definitely talk to him.