Titus Haley Wins Sportmanship Award


Mr. Fast, Titus Haley, and Dr. Davis

Junior Titus Haley won the CIF award for displaying good characteristics and sportsmanship during the Cougars recent Division III Section playoffs.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, good sportsmanship is, “conduct (such as fairness, respect for one’s opponent, and graciousness in winning or losing) becoming to one participating in a sport.” All things Haley demonstrated during the Cougars historic run through the playoffs. Haley’s leadership during the Cougars title game victory against Central Catholic pushed the Cougars through a difficult beginning and helped the Cougars regain their focus in the second half.

“It felt good to get rewarded for the way that I act. I always try to display good characteristics on the court at all times,” said Haley.

Even though he heard many people say that he was likely to win this award, Haley wasn’t sure and didn’t think that he would; however, once Haley’s name was announced, the team was very excited and supportive of Haley’s coronation. It was beautiful to see the team come up to Titus, embrace him, and celebrate his accomplishment.

Congratulations, Titus. Thank you for making Cougar Nation proud.