Club Spotlight: The Key Club


This week club’s focus is on the Key Club. The Key Club is an on-campus group of students who focus on community service and helping others. The club adviser, Ms. Mendoza, helps Weston Ranch students and guides them in their projects. Club meetings are held in room 201 every Wednesday, and Key Club membership is open to anyone.

Although Key Club membership is offered to all students, only official members reap the benefits of this exceptional service club. To become an official member of Key Club, members have to pay a $12 fee. After paying the cost, club members receive a pin. After spending the dues and receiving your badge, you are now allowed to put, “Official member of the Key Club,” or something along those lines on your college applications. Key Club also gives you community service time, as well as teaches you its four core values; leadership, character building, caring, and inclusiveness.

With over 60 official members, and perhaps even more including unofficial members, the Key Club does many things within the community. One thing they do is that once a month, they go to the food bank and help the people there, and if the club can, they donate supplies. Another thing that they do is that every Thursday, they clean up the school campus. Sometimes, they even help other clubs around the school to collect supplies for their projects.

Stop in and check out the Key Club. Show your pride in the community and demonstrate what outstanding students we have here at Weston Ranch.