C’mon, Cougars, Show Your Spirit

We are calling Cougar Nation! Athletics, clubs, and performing arts need your support.
Currently, our Boy’s Weston Ranch Basketball team is 28-1 and ranked 16th in the State. In addition to the statewide ranking, our boy’s basketball team is ranked number one in our Section, which is the second largest section in California, boasting twenty-six leagues and 198 schools.
They are doing exceptionally well and play their 30th game of the season tonight at 7 pm in our gym. Although this is one of the biggest games of the season, we are having a hard time getting students to come to show their support. The question is why?

“There isn’t enough spirit; I used to attend another school where we did competitions and little events during the game, like who could come dressed in the most ‘school swag’, this school doesn’t do any of that. Nothing is going on to make me want to go”, says a student who wishes to be named anonymous here at Weston Ranch.

Based on feedback The Prowl is currently gathering from students around the school, the message is clear they would like to see more things being done at events to include and interest everybody on campus. Not only may this potentially be a solution for athletics, but also plays, rallies, and other activities too.

We have a dynamic and creative group of students heading up our leadership team. Despite our leadership team doing it’s very best to satisfy students and increase efforts and spirit, the student support and attendance on and off campus remains low. Perhaps we could see raffles, t-shirt sales, and activities that incorporate the students, but at the end of the day, we hope to see some of the student input taken into consideration to create some positive changes.

We have an impressive campus here at Weston Ranch, and it is filled with great students. Now, let’s fill the gym to show our support.